Snow Falling on Harlaxton…

It’s a beautiful winter in England (well, so far… I hear this will all turn to mud and mush soon); but for now, I’m enjoying the magical white blanket that has covered Harlaxton and the rest of the country.  It’s hard to believe that only 3 weeks ago I was still in Portland celebrating New Year’s Eve, about to enter into this new life not knowing what to expect.  (Any expectations I did have have already far been exceeded).  I wake up everyday and as soon as I remember where I am, I can’t help but smile and be so grateful that I am here.

The Manor Gardens Forest

I continue to be busy with work in the Student Development Office, at times working 12 hour days, and enjoying every second of it.  Arriving only two days before the students, I was thrown into it all and haven’t really had a moment to stop and breath until yesterday afternoon.  Since arriving, I have worked on projects relating to:

  • Student Government Association – getting nominations, running elections, and compiling their job descriptions and responsibilities in work binders (for President, Treasurer, and co-Secretaries)
  • Resident Assistants – putting together training materials, setting their duty schedule for the semester (which was like figuring out a giant puzzle, so much fun!), and getting them oriented
  • Leadership Committees – recruiting students to join the Academic, Events, and Residential Life Committees; writing descriptions and outlining the roles for each group; and running their first meeting to elect chairpersons for each one
  • Student Ambassadors – recruiting students to apply for the Ambassador position, which involves them greeting outside visitors and guest speakers, giving tours of the Manor, and helping out at special events
  • Student Bloggers – coordinating with the Media Writing professor to have her class write posts for Harlaxton’s student blog, “The Lion’s Roar”, throughout the semester (see:
  • Video – I’m working on a new promotional video for the College which requires me to film several of the social events and cultural nights put on by the school
  • Miscellaneous jobs – generally answering students’ questions, keeping staff and students informed of College events through Facebook and email, coordinating schedules and setting meetings, making sure the appropriate rooms are booked at the right times for various events and meetings, etc., etc.
  • (I’m also now in the midst of a 3-day First Aid Training and visited London the past two weekends… more details on that next time)

The principal of the College, Dr. Gordon Kingsley, has been so warm and welcoming of me.  He has invited me to take initiative and have the freedom to implement any other sorts of programs or projects that interest me or that I find are needed.  He appreciates my “fresh eyes” to give feedback on how things are done and to make suggestions for improving what is already in place.  He says not to be limited by what exists, but to go beyond and explore what “can be” during my time here.  Pretty cool for an intern!  (I’m working on a series of intercultural workshops and trainings relating to communication, ethnocentrism, power and privilege… will keep you posted on how those unfold).

And now for some photos!

[Click to scroll through the pictures, or just enjoy the slideshow!  Captions are below each photo]:

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2 comments on “Snow Falling on Harlaxton…

  1. Amy Duke says:

    hey kristin sounds like your having a great first few weeks in England and that you saw mom and Aunt Margo while they were in London!

    how neat you had snow – we are a little chilly in Atlanta but only saw a dusting of snow last winter that melted the following day.

    hugs and love your pictures and blog about your time in England.

    Amy Jennings Duke Amy Duke Fine Art 678.613.9880

  2. Cindy says:

    You’ve come a long way from where you were one year ago!! So happy for this wonderful experience for you. We met with a travel agent today and can’t wait to come visit!!

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